HMRC states agent access is to be removed without AML proof

accountant submitting aml proof
By Eva Mrazikova | 19th January 2022 | 1 min read

The next steps to regulate the accountancy profession have started following news that agents who don’t confirm their anti-money laundering (AML) supervision by responding to an HMRC letter could lose access to online HMRC services. 

An HMRC spokesperson explains, If the business fails to engage with us by not providing the required information, we ultimately need to conclude that they are not supervised and therefore are not compliant with the law.” 

What proof do agents require?  

We advise reaching out directly to your body to determine what confirmation is required, as it will vary between each accountancy body.  

For example, ICAEW members can obtain a letter by contacting, while ACCA members have been instructed to provide their firm’s ACCA ID number alongside their practicing certificate or copy of the firm’s OPBAS levy. 

What happens if agents don’t respond?  

Those who either miss or ignore HMRC’s letter will have their agent portal shut off, significantly hindering their day-to-day activities.  

What’s next? 

Being in the peak of self-assessment season, this news comes as an enormous risk for agents. 

If you're receiving a letter, I advise that you respond to it ASAP to avoid any delays. 

To ensure you’re up to date, we’ll keep a close eye on developments to see if any other changes or details emerge, which will then be detailed on our main AML page featuring articles, webinars and other AML resources. 

Additionally, to further help with AML, we have anti-money laundering software to keep you compliant.