IRIS Elements – listening to and working with UK accountants

Copy of Blog 1 | IRIS Elements - listening to and working with UK accountants
By James Nadal | 7th January 2020 | 13 min read

We gave you a peek at our new platform for accountants back in September when we launched IRIS Elements.

Since then we’ve been busily creating and testing new helpful ideas and features.

Ultimately, we’re about improving accountants’ lives, making work simpler, and ensuring your practice can be more efficient.

We’ve been beta testing our AML product with some of our Customer Development Community to get real feedback and to trial the improvements from our regular software drops.

In addition, the design team have been putting together widgets – small illustrations of salient information displayed on a personalised console.  These were sent out to the wider Customer Development Community in a survey to identify where we should focus for the future.

We wanted to share some of the results with you, so you can see where we are going. Plus, we’d be delighted if you joined the community to help ensure we focus on improvements that will make the biggest positive difference to you and your practice.

You still have the chance to shape the future of IRIS software right now.

So, what are customers getting excited about?

The most popular piece of functionality was a widget called ‘Jobs to do’, showing a team member their assigned tasks, priorities and deadlines - all at a glance.  When this was reviewed by the community it had a combined positive score of 95 out of 100.

OpenSpace also scored highly with 90 out of 100.  The widget allowed users to view documents out for signing, when they were sent and most positively received - the simple ‘Send reminder’ button

Number three in the list was ‘Continue where you left off’ scoring 87 out of 100.  This was noted as being related to ‘Jobs to do’ and design work is ongoing to combine the best of both ideas.

These together with other reporting and analytics widgets are being iterated based on feedback from individual members of the Customer Development Community, all with the aim to help you to work more effectively.

Want to learn more and get involved? Sign up for the Customer Development Community by visiting HERE.