IRIS Live: HMRC, CPD, and tips for accountants to triumph in turbulent times

iris live png2 | IRIS Live: HMRC, CPD, and tips for accountants to triumph in turbulent times
By Steve Cox | 4th November 2020 | 14 min read

Is this the most challenging time yet to be accountant?

Some would argue it is.

COVID and compliance burden grows

The myriad difficulties posed by COVID amplify each week, adding to the already heavy compliance burden.

With a seemingly never ending stream of legislation (and MTD right back in the middle of the picture), plus a huge demand from clients for advice, accountants have their plates full.

We haven’t even mentioned Brexit yet or IR35, both of which are also swirling around within the eye of the storm of unknowns heading towards accountants.

Adapting to new demands

Are you ready to adapt to this ever-changing world? Or are you simply struggling to keep on top of the every day demands of your clients?

Sometimes, to be effective at tackling such challenges, you have to take a step back, pause, breathe, and reflect, rather than continuing at full steam ahead. It’s the only way to successfully navigate through the hurdles in front of you.

Taking a little time out to plan and think is likely to mean you spend those working hours more productively.

An event to help accountants thrive

With that, and all the obstacles above, in mind, we at IRIS had some thoughts we wanted to share with you on how to help. And that’s how we came up with IRIS Live – our new CPD accredited, fully digital, online event.

Between 16th and 20th November, IRIS Live will bring you the latest news, information, and strategic advice from across your sector, enabling you to overcome the challenges facing your business today and in the future

HMRC and industry leaders to speak

A host of expert speakers – including from HMRC - dive into the hottest topics and pull out practical, insightful takeaway tips to empower you to thrive, no matter what challenges continue to come your way.

Chances are, you’ve been invited to quite a few webinars over recent months, promising to tell you everything you need to know to come out of the pandemic fighting fit and confident for the future.

But once you’ve attended IRIS Live, you won’t need to worry about attending any more.

What sessions are running?

Sessions include:

How do I register for IRIS Live?

Visit to register, view the agenda and save your seat on your chosen webinars.  Don’t miss out!