Is your accountancy practice fighting fit or falling flat?

Is your practice fighting fit or falling flat | Is your accountancy practice fighting fit or falling flat?
By Ben Webb | 13th February 2020 | 3 min read

By Ben Webb, Associate Product Manager

Have you ever hit the wall? I certainly had recently.

I’d been pushing myself seriously hard at the gym, lifting heavier weights, running longer distances, straining my sinews and churning up the calories. Yet, I just couldn’t make the progress on my fitness goals that I wanted. I’d hit a ceiling, reached a plateau – and it was seriously frustrating!

So, I took stock and re-examined what I was doing. Time for a new perspective. Let’s change things up – new routine, different machines, alternative distances, weights and goals.

And, importantly, getting the help of an expert – a personal trainer. He transformed my routine and got me working in a much more efficient and powerful way. It didn’t take long for this fresh approach to start paying dividends.

Before I knew it, my gym coach had me pushing past my previous limits and soaring to new heights! I’ve never felt fitter and better.

The brilliant thing is this same principle of pausing, reviewing and refreshing your approach can work in other areas of life as well. Not least, your accountancy firm.

Has practice productivity hit a wall?

Have you felt your practice productivity has peaked? Disappointed that you’re not working as efficiently as you would like despite diligently spending time and effort improving it?

By applying the same principles as I did at the gym, you can turbocharge your practice performance, whittle out waste, and make your office as productive as possible.


The answer lies with a new arrival that will set you on your way to a super-efficient, streamlined, agile automated working environment. It’s called the IRIS Productivity bundle, containing a number of magnificent modules that will fine tune your effectiveness.

Like a personal gym coach, a key part of our new package is some specialist training. IRIS experts visit your practice to show you how to get the best from your software, offering bespoke support.

Watch a recording of our free productivity boosting webinar on 18 February at 2pm.

Understanding what’s possible

Our trained staff have encountered a range of different scenarios from all the practices they have visited covering clients of all shapes and sizes. Using their experience, they can shape a solution specifically for your practice. Helping you power through the productivity plateau.

Identifying bottlenecks

Practices experience a range of problems however often there are common underlying issues with manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Often the core concerns are an ineffective transition of work from one staff member to the next, unbalanced workload across the team and inefficient collaboration with clients.

Creative Solutions

Some practices are happy to use a whiteboard to log the workload of the team while others are content to send daily emails to staff on the outline their focus for the day. While this may work for a while it will not scale. IRIS is built on a single database and offers a truly integrated solution. Adopting working practices outside of IRIS introduces inefficiencies and limits the productivity of the whole practice.

With the combination of IRIS Productivity with and an expert-led personalised training plan, I’m confident IRIS can create an approach that will help your practice power through the productivity plateau.

Just as no two individuals at the gym are identical no two practices are the same so the solutions to their challenges will be just as unique.

So, if you’re struggling to break through the barriers preventing improved productivity and fed up of pumping that accountancy iron without seeing any results, I think we can help you.

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