Launch of new IRIS AE Suite, the complete automatic enrolment solution

By James Nadal | 1st May 2014 | 2 min read

IRIS has today launched the new IRIS AE Suite, a complete solution to help businesses, accountants and payroll bureaus meet the legislative requirements of automatic enrolment.

The IRIS AE Suite consists of four fully integrated components which will streamline the automatic enrolment process, including:

  • The IRIS Automatic Enrolment Module to assess and enrol employees within IRIS payrolls;
  • Generation of pension output files to leading pension providers;
  • IRIS OpenEnrol for producing instant online pension communications that can be accessed using free smartphone and tablet apps
  • IRIS OpenPayslips, the digital payslip solution that allows employees to access payslips on their smartphone, tablet or web browser.

"The process is simple and intuitive" says Mark Paraskeva. CEO of IRIS SME Payroll Division.  "First, assessment and enrolment are completed directly in the payroll software whenever the payroll is run.  The system then generates the required output file(s) for submission to the pension provider.  All communications required by The Pensions Regulator are produced, sent and stored to meet the six-year audit requirements."

The new IRIS AE Suite aims to simplify the complex automatic enrolment process for all sizes of company and IRIS have already assessed over 350,000 employees.

“We’ve been using the IRIS AE Module and IRIS OpenPayslips to produce and distribute our payslips for a number of months now and are pleased with the results. It saves us a lot of time and helps reduce waste. Knowing that we can now also produce and distribute pension communications to our employees at the touch of a button directly to their smartphones is a further added benefit!  Many of our clients are using the IRIS AE Suite. Automatic enrolment is very complex and we have complete confidence that the IRIS AE Suite will ensure our clients are compliant.” Commented Andrew Bodkin, Managing Partner, Haines Watts.

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