Learn how IRIS software helps AEL Markhams Accountants thrive

By Sam Thomas | 26th April 2016 | 14 min read

We spoke with Lee Clayburn of AEL Markhams Accountants to see how IRIS helps the firm achieve its aims.

AEL Markhams are a Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors firm based in North West London, they’ve been using IRIS payroll software solutions for nearly 20 years and currently use Earnie Business, the IRIS AE Suite™, and IRIS OpenPayslips.

Lee began by saying that “here at AEL Markhams we want to be seen as proactive and help our clients; IRIS have been very useful to have on board”. We’ve created the IRIS Auto Enrolment Accountancy Kit Bag which we’ve filled with a range of helpful content, including guides, pre-recorded webinars, exclusive content from The Pensions Regulator, letter templates and much, much more. Everything in the Kit Bag can be shared with your clients to help make auto enrolment a key part of your business’s strategy.

AEL Markhams use Earnie Business as their core payroll software, and then use the IRIS AE Suite™ to manage auto enrolment for themselves and their clients; “we have around 150 clients who we deal with on a monthly basis, and one of the most important factors for me is to try and be as efficient as possible; your reports are there at the press of a button.

“It’s a very user friendly system, it’s very easy to pick up, so as you’re running your payroll, the auto enrolment module is there also working and it’s pretty much instantaneous so as your payroll is processing and producing reports that the client wants, you’re also producing reports for auto enrolment, those who have staged, eligible jobholders and so on.”

The IRIS AE Suite™ was created with what we refer to as a ‘zero additional effort’ approach, so the feedback from AEL Markhams on the software being “pretty much instantaneous as you’re running your payroll” is fantastic to hear.

Additionally, the firm also use the IRIS OpenPayslips package to distribute payslips and P60s; “IRIS OpenPayslips has also provided security and Data Protection and that’s something that our clients have taken to very well.”

You can read our case study for AEL Markhams here, and can learn more about how IRIS can help accountants make auto enrolment part of your business strategy by attending tomorrow’s free webinar.

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