NEWS UPDATE: Corporation Tax Software Agreement Terminated

By Paul Onions | 11th September 2014 | 6 min read

NEWS UPDATE: Corporation Tax Software Agreement Terminated

Is Your Practice Affected?

Earlier this week, Thomson Reuters (who own Digita) confirmed* that they will no longer allow Sage to resell their ONESOURCE software; branded as ‘Sage Corporation Tax (Powered by ONESOURCE)’.

What does this mean?

If you’re currently using ‘Sage Corporation Tax (Powered by ONESOURCE)’ you will either need to prepare for a different solution provided by Sage, or make a change...

IRIS enables accountants to easily complete Corporation Tax Returns

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Why choose IRIS Business & Corporation Tax?

IRIS Business Tax requires almost no data entry – it draws the data from the clients’ accounts in the central database. It will also clearly present your corporation tax computation including apportionment over fiscal years, marginal rate relief, capital gains calculations and losses carried forward/back.

  • Versatile solution covering tax calculations and returns for all company types
  • Online filing at the touch of a button
  • Part of the IRIS Accountancy Suite offering greater efficiencies

When IRIS Business Tax is used with IRIS Accounts Production - which already includes the FRS101 & 102 formats - minimal data entry is required. Client tax work is consistent with their accounts, accuracy improves and any need to re-key information is eliminated.

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