Ready to create the ultimate digital shopfront for your practice?

By Steven Cox | 28th February 2017 | 9 min read

The way you connect with clients is changing...

Having an online presence that stands out from the crowd is not only key to interacting with your current clients, it also provides a platform where you can successfully market your services to new contacts.

The opportunity created by Making Tax Digital means a step-change for accountants and your clients, with online record-keeping and faster, more efficient ways to share documents soon to become the norm, making the quality of your online presence more important than ever.

Flexible, affordable website creation and maintenance services

Our new, market-leading platform – IRIS WebPortal – takes the effort out of developing and managing an effective website for your practice, enabling you to benefit from a captivating and informative web presence without diverting time and energy from your business.

Key features include:

  • A website built specifically with UK accountancy practices in mind, offering you a choice of state-of-the-art design templates to give your business a competitive edge
  • An SEO-optimised website that is designed for desktop, tablet and mobile environments; key to achieving a good search engine ranking from the likes of Google
  • Integration with your existing IRIS products, including branded KashFlow and IRIS OpenSpace portals
  • Monthly content updates from IRIS to share with your clients, keeping them informed of the latest industry changes and changes to your own services
  • WordPress content management tools that update your website quickly and unintrusively
  • Bespoke options allowing you to create your website from the ground up with the help of the IRIS design team

Time for a facelift?

With the experts at IRIS WebPortal taking care of the technical aspects of your site, you’ll free up time and money to devote to other areas of your business and add considerable value to your practice.

Don’t just take our word for it:

I really appreciate the way you guys will always go the extra mile. You add value - right, left and centre. It is unbeatable value for money for any accountancy firm looking to set up a new website.

- Macrays

Awesome, I’ve been signing up £10,000 worth of new work per week over the last 2 months and our website is central to our marketing activities.

- LessTax2Pay

Find out more about what a world-class digital shopfront can do for your business today:


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About the author

Steven Cox

Chief Evangelist

Steve is Chief Evangelist of IRIS; a technologist and chartered accountant (FCCA) who looks at how technology can simplify the modern working environment.

He joined IRIS in 2002, who’s career at IRIS has spanned many areas of the business including Customer Support, Engineering and Product Management. His most recent previous roles at IRIS include Senior Product Director and Interim CTO.

Steve has over 18 years of experience in technology and accounting which he uses to work closely with customers, software companies, accounting/governing bodies and the government to champion the digital transformation of UK Education organisations, SMEs and Accountants.

In Steve’s current role as Chief Evangelist, he has looked across the globe at how technology and legislation is changing the roles and requirements professionals in the workplace and looking to the future to predict how their roles will further evolve.