Spend 10 minutes talking accountancy software to save £100k

boardroom | Spend 10 minutes talking accountancy software to save £100k
By Steven Cox | 16th December 2020 | 13 min read

Accountants made substantial savings after one quick call

One quick phone call led to a leading accountancy firm making savings of £100,000.

Sound impossible? Well, it’s true.

Sometimes a simple chat can reap benefits you wouldn’t imagine.

Bringing ideas to your next Partner meeting

You’ll see when you’ve read this article that we can give you some really good efficiency saving ideas that you can take to share at your next Partner meeting.

That’s what happened with our new customer – one of the top accountancy firms in the UK.

When our team spoke with a Partner a few months ago, we discovered they were outsourcing iXBRL tagging for some of their accounts, while their mid-market division was working on software that was far too complex and caused jobs to take too long. We offered a packaged solution (via outsourcing and software) that improved processes while saving over £100,000 annually.

Every situation is different.

Speak to us about how you can leverage the IRIS portfolio and bring some creative commercial thinking to your organisation. 0344 844 9644.


One stop shop – more than just accountancy

IRIS is the only provider with so many solutions under one roof, enabling us to provide better and cheaper software packages that achieve more for you than your current supplier.

We offer a huge breadth and depth of products, including some like payroll and HR software, that you may be unaware of.

We can combine a whole range of services, including putting your existing software – be it IRIS or another accountancy software provider - in the cloud through our hosted desktop solution.

We can provide a single HR and payroll system, outsourced and international payroll services, and more, alongside our market-leading accountancy solutions.

By supplying this wide range of solutions across your business, we can help you cut costs and become more efficient.

Would you spend 10 minutes to save £100k?

If your firm wants to benefit from similarly substantial savings and discover new and better ways to become more efficient, then give us a call to hear about the ways we can help your practice..

Speak to us today about bespoke options for you. Call 0344 844 9644.

About the author

Steven Cox

Chief Evangelist

Steve is Chief Evangelist of IRIS; a technologist and chartered accountant (FCCA) who looks at how technology can simplify the modern working environment.

He joined IRIS in 2002, who’s career at IRIS has spanned many areas of the business including Customer Support, Engineering and Product Management. His most recent previous roles at IRIS include Senior Product Director and Interim CTO.

Steve has over 18 years of experience in technology and accounting which he uses to work closely with customers, software companies, accounting/governing bodies and the government to champion the digital transformation of UK Education organisations, SMEs and Accountants.

In Steve’s current role as Chief Evangelist, he has looked across the globe at how technology and legislation is changing the roles and requirements professionals in the workplace and looking to the future to predict how their roles will further evolve.