Step-by-step training to make MTD work for you

step by step IRIS | Step-by-step training to make MTD work for you
By Sam Thomas | 25th January 2019 | 2 min read

Are you crying out for tangible, practical examples of what to do in your day-to-day work to ensure you make a success of MTD?

Does an expert-led training day providing this sound good? Yes, we thought so too. That’s why from next month we’ll be running half-day seminars for accountants to get you MTD match fit.

What do the seminars cover?

Part of our MTD 5 steps to success programme, these will cover every stage in depth. It’s one thing knowing about MTD, but it’s another actually dealing with it and knowing that you can provide the service based on existing internal resources.

Our professional trainers will help you identify any issues and provide practical step-by-step instruction on using IRIS to prepare for the changes, to better support your clients and make MTD work for you.

They will provide answers to many common questions, including some raised by customers during our MTD road shows.

What will you learn?

Some of the key things you will learn during the seminars include how to:

• Plan the project from start to end

• Carry out MTD VAT agent / client registration

• Take advantage of data mining to identify clients affected by the new VAT submission process

• Manage staff time and workflow for MTD VAT jobs, including quarterly submissions

• Select the right tech and work out who should be using which product

• Create automated letter templates to explain the new rules to clients

• Fulfil long term, ongoing obligations for MTD VAT submissions

What will you take away?

Delegates will also be given a range of valuable items in a takeaway toolkit. These include:

• A letter template from the accountant/agent to their client explaining MTD

• Example workflow profiles

• Crib sheet on setting up attributes within Practice Management

• Internal checklist for ticking off to ensure you are going in the right direction.

Are there any online videos that can help you?

Yes. As part of the toolkit you will get two part MTD VAT online recordings, comprising:

o Part 1: Recap on where we are today and product functionality within VAT Filer & KashFlow

o Part 2: Practice Management workflow control

What should you do right now?

The clock is ticking but there is still time to get on board with MTD in time and the training days are designed to ensure you can be ready very quickly.