The 12 digital days of Christmas – Day 1

By James Nadal | 3rd December 2018 | 14 min read

Our not-as-delicious but eminently more useful alternative to the chocolate advent calendar!

We’ve reached the early days of December - the time when the excitement begins to build. It’s not long now, we’re in the home straight!

You’ve probably got your advent calendar out right now and you’re eating one of your first yuletide chocolates; unless you had already grabbed some bargain basement Santa-shaped supermarket snacks that were on the shelves in November. Or October for that matter. The pre-pre Christmas build up, as it’s known.

Anyway, however many sugar coated sweet treats you’ve eaten so far, we’ve got something healthier for you, something nutritious for the mind.

Today is the first of the IRIS 12 digital days of Christmas – aiming to get your firm trim, lean and fighting fit, ready for the looming changes of 2019 – especially Making Tax Digital.

As you know, at IRIS we’re keen to help you on your digital journey. And over the next few weeks, in the lead up to the big day, we’ve got some festively themed solutions to help you on your path. Starting with…

A gift and two wisemen.

Now, this is definitely much better than chocolate and worth an almighty lot more too.

We’re giving you £100 off our Practice Advisory workshops on December 11 and 18. See how to get the discount below.

We are offering the wisdom and expertise of our tech expert Steve Cox and Will Farnell, the founder of Farnell Clarke, a multi-award winning digital practice that has been embracing technology since 2008.

Together, they’ll help you to develop a strategy fit for the changing digital environment, influenced, not least, by the looming MTD deadline.

While you might be getting ready for an expanding waistline after the traditional gluttony of December 25, Will and Steve are going to assist you in streamlining your business.

This early bundle of Christmas cheer is about showing you the tech that will provide cost-cutting solutions to make your business more profitable and prosperous for the New Year. It’s about becoming a fully-fledged digital practice, giving you practical takeaways to achieve that.

Our one-day discovery session will help you to understand how to successfully navigate through this period of relentless change to build your future-proof digital accounting practice.

What better time than just before the New Year to do so?

So, forget about that chocolate advent calendar for the day and join us.

Take advantage of the offer today! Use Promo code: Xmas.

Click here for the full details and how to register.