The 12 digital days of Christmas – Day 5

By James Nadal | 10th December 2018 | 14 min read

Our not-as-delicious but eminently more useful alternative to the chocolate advent calendar!

Day 5 - IRIS Hosting

Before Santa has his big day, another seasonal character takes centre stage, and he’s going to be our focus on day 5 of the 12 digital days of Christmas.

Jack Frost brings his battle hardened icy warriors to our streets, every year around this time, encrusting our cars and homes in frozen water and bone-bitingly cold icicles. Some of us, in certain parts of the UK, have already felt the grip of his freezing fingers.

Does the memory of the last chaotic cold snap bring chills to your spine? Was your practice among those ensnared by snow? Did the ‘Beast from the East’ force you to close your office?

We hope you’ve got robust plans in place to prevent your practice from being a victim again this time. You don’t want to contemplate entire days of chargeable time being lost to bad weather and possibly missing key deadlines, leading to fines or even worse – losing a crucial client.

That’s why on day 5, we have an answer for you - IRIS Hosting Services.

No matter how much havoc the weather causes, no matter where you and your staff are forced to work from, this solution ensures access to your key IRIS, Microsoft and third party applications.

IRIS Hosting provides:

• Access to your practice systems from anywhere with an internet connection

• 24/7 access to experienced IT support consultants when you need them

• A cost-effective, secure and scalable solution for your IT management needs

• Fully protected data - completely secure and encrypted with added protection against viruses, hackers and spyware

By moving your key applications to IRIS’s hosted systems, you and your staff can concentrate on your core business, improve your productivity and control your IT spend, safe in the knowledge that your network is being looked after by a company committed to delivering on agreed Service Level Agreements. It’s so simple - run your applications as if they were loaded onto your own computer.

Remove the worry of losing crucial business hours over winter by signing up today. Contact our Customer Success Team for more details and how your individual practice can benefit. Call 01753 212 599 or email

Talking of winter weather, we’re off to find our scarves and hats that we so cleverly tidied away last year. Now, if only we could find the right cupboard! We’ll see you again for day 6 tomorrow…