The IRIS AE Suite™: opinions of a streamlined auto enrolment process

By Louise Mulgrew | 15th April 2015 | 14 min read

IRIS AE Suite Auto enrolment is something that will eventually affect almost every business in the UK. The feelings of angst, terror and confusion run rife throughout even the largest of companies.

The government have implemented auto enrolment so that the larger businesses staged first. As a result of this, there is now a multitude of information and resource available for the smaller and micro businesses whose turn it is to stage next.

The IRIS AE Suite™, IRIS' solution to auto-enrolment has been adopted by almost 3,000 businesses assessing almost 600,000 employees. Here is a handful of them and what they have to say about the IRIS AE Suite™.

As already mentioned, there was an element of terror...

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As Sandra Crawford, Payroll Administrator of Silverstone Circuits puts it animatedly, "I was terrified of AE (auto enrolment) to begin with!". She also goes on to say that it was the IRIS AE Suite™ that changed her mind about the legislation.

We then coaxed more of a response from her about what exactly it was that had alarmed her so greatly and why the IRIS AE Suite™ had changed her mind...

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Sandra isn't the only one that feels that the streamlined, time saving aspect of the IRIS AE Suite™ is something that makes auto enrolment implementable.

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Alan Chaplin of First Actuarial explains that auto enrolment simply isn't something that can be done manually and uses the IRIS AE Suite™ in conjunction with his Earnie payroll software to automate the process.

Simon Iliffe, HR Manager of Tingdene Homes also tells us of the time saving aspect of using the software to its full potential...

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One thing that many people are worried about when adopting new software is how the integration with their existing software will cope.

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Sandra explains a "seamless" integration between the IRIS AE Suite™ and her payroll software, as does Colin Taylor, a Partner at Donald Jacobs & Partners Accountants:

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Teddy Akello, Deputy Accounts Manager of the Hurlingham Club explains that using the IRIS AE Suite™ reduces the amount of time it takes to assess and run auto enrolment from a couple of days to a few minutes:

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Another compulsory, legal aspect of auto enrolment is the communications. The IRIS AE Suite™ not only automatically assesses your employees' eligibility for auto enrolment but also publishes electronic payslips and P60s to the cloud for your employees to access. It also distributes the required pension communications, ensuring your communications stay compliant and you avoid any auto enrolment fines.

Colin Taylor explains that not only does this keep them compliant but the move from traditional, outdated paper payslips and P60s has helped them to save time and money, too:

[YouTube id=JrhwFwWY8vQ width=300 height=169]

As you can see, the IRIS AE Suite™ saves our clients a large amount of time, even to the extent that some feel running auto enrolment would be impossible without it. You can find out how the software can work for you with our free demonstration.

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