Time to solve the stress and strain of busy season

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By James Nadal | 18th December 2019 | 7 min read

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Or it’s supposed to be, though the songwriter didn’t have accountants and busy season in mind at the time.

Even though it’s a time to be festive, IRIS knows full well from 40 years of working with accountants that now can be a season of strain and stress, of being overworked and overwhelmed.

But we also know how to make it so much easier. You haven’t got much time to read this, so let’s give you the quick lowdown for how.

1. Outsource routine accounts work

Does more trained staff able to complete routine accounts work sound good? What about skipping the high costs of hiring?

That’s what you get when you outsource with IRIS Resourcing. And now, we offer short flexible engagements that allow us to support you through the busy period without extending your financial commitment. Our new fixed time and fixed cost approach ensures you are in control of the purse strings. Discover more here.

2. Speed up client approval

Last January we saw the highest ever number of e-approvals made through IRIS OpenSpace – 217,000. There’s a very good reason to do so.

Get tax returns approved by clients with minimal fuss.  It’s so quick and easy because it’s seamlessly integrated into your IRIS software.

Furthermore, it meets data protection law requirements. E-mail is unsuitable now for confidential file transfer. Plus the fact that post can be slow and costly, especially during busy season.

3. Avoid deadline headaches

A £100 fine for a late tax return? Not appealing. Consider how a system offering key deadline and tracking reminders could transform your business. IRIS Practice Management works seamlessly to automate the process and end those deadline worries that keep you awake at night.

For non-Practice Management users or those that don’t track workflow for personal tax, there’s a great feature in IRIS Personal Tax. It enables users to run reports to see exactly how and when many returns have been completed, filed, or are not finished.

4. Speed up payments

Save time with a service that enables your invoices to be paid faster and gives your customers a secure and simple way to pay you online.  We mean IRIS Payments, which is fully integrated with IRIS Fees & IRIS OpenSpace. Send invoices via IRIS OpenSpace with a 'Pay' button, to speed up payment.

5. Dividend delights

Have to deal with vouchers because you do a tax return with an investment portfolio with publicly traded shares? Did you know about IRIS’s dividend feature? You simply put the shareholdings in, press a button and get all the dividends. This saves a massive amount of re-keying data.

If you feel that any of these ideas can help save you time and cut down stress this busy season, let us know by calling 0344 844 9644. We’d be delighted to explain each in more detail.