Tingdene Homes save at least 2 days per week with the IRIS AE Suite™

By Louise Mulgrew | 4th November 2015 | 9 min read

Simon Iliffe, HR Manager of Tingdene Homes explains how the IRIS AE Suite™ allows at least a two day saving per week.

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Tingdene Homes are one of the leading manufacturers in the UK of quality, bespoke residential park homes and holiday lodges. With a payroll of over 180 employees split across weekly and monthly pay cycles, Simon explains that the day to day use of Earnie Executive is "smooth and runs well. It very easy and intuitive to pick up when you first start using it".

With this in mind, while IRIS Software helps large businesses such as Tingdene Homes with their auto enrolment process, the functionality of the software to be able to process monthly and weekly payrolls for auto enrolment shows its flexibility.

Tingdene Homes also use IRIS OpenPayslips which comes included with the IRIS AE Suite™. This allows them to send payslips and P60s to their employees electronically. Employees can view these documents via a free smartphone application or by logging into their secure portal online. Simon explained that:

IRIS OpenPayslips is brilliant. When we first rolled it out, we had a very impressive 60% of our workforce adopting it straight away. When those that didn’t adopt IRIS OpenPayslips straight away saw their colleagues using it, they were easily convinced to take it on as well.”

The spreadsheet import aspects also saves Tingdene Homes a great deal of time by reducing the manual input process that was once in place.

In addition to this, the two day time saving comes because of a switch made from a middleware provider. Middleware is a piece of software that you must export your payroll data to, to assess your employees for auto enrolment eligibility. You then need to import this information back into your payroll and finally export it to the pension provider.

The process is disjointed and can pose extra costs when moving into the second and third years of use.

Worryingly, from our own research, we found that there is still around 10% of businesses planning to use a middleware solution for auto enrolment. 

Read the full case study on how Tingdene Homes save a large amount of time and money by using the IRIS AE Suite™ instead of a piece of middleware.

Read the case study here

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