What businesses have to say about the IRIS AE Suite™ [Video]

By Louise Mulgrew | 11th February 2015 | 13 min read

The IRIS AE Suite™ helps to save the time it takes to manually assess employees on each payroll period as well as completely cut down on the costs of printing, packaging and sending payslips and P60s. As Colin Taylor from Donald Jacobs & partners explains in the video about why he likes the IRIS AE Suite™, he answers: "ease of use and time saving; time equals money".

At IRIS we always value the feedback that we receive from our customers and the Earnie Customer Conference in November 2014 gave us a great opportunity to hear from some of our clients on their thoughts about the IRIS AE Suite™ and how it works for them.

Some of the comments include Alan Chaplin from First Actuarial explaining that "We believe that the right place to do auto enrolment is within payroll and the IRIS AE Suite™ actually does the assessment and the communications for you."

Other comments include "the thought of auto enrolment was very complicated, we didn't know where to start but the system just takes it over." Sandra Crawford, HR & Payroll Coordinator of Silverstone Circuits.

Watch the 45 second video below to find out from our clients Donald Jacobs & Partners, Silverstone Circuits, First Actuarial, Robert Dyas and Tingdene Homes  after they were asked: "What do you like about the IRIS AE Suite™?"

Watch the next 1 minute video to find out Retailer Robert Dyas, Silverstone Circuits and Tingdene Homes' opinions when asked "How does the IRIS AE Suite™ help you to manage auto enrolment?"

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