Will working from home guidance go beyond 21 June?

working from home | Will working from home guidance go beyond 21 June?
By Steve Cox | 3rd June 2021 | 1 min read

Working from home guidance could stay in place for an extra month or more beyond 21 June, as doubts grow over the easing of restrictions.

What does it mean for accountants?

Phase 4 of the ‘unlocking’ is due to happen on 21 June, but with cases rising quickly, thanks to the India COVID variant, the Government is facing pressure to delay.

Advisers and scientists have suggested holding off.

Many businesses look to move to a flexible model called ‘hybrid working’ where staff split their time between home and the office.

Who is adopting hybrid working?

Many large businesses have announced they will adopt similar flexible models. BDO, KMPG, and EY are among the latest big accountancy firms to do so.

EY has told staff they’ll be expected to work from home at least two days a week, once restrictions are officially lifted.

A recent BBC big business survey suggested one million UK employees are set to ditch full time office working for good.

As the lockdown restrictions ease, all businesses will have to decide how their staff will work from now on.

So, is your business set up to enable staff to carry on working remotely, short and long term?

What are the benefits of hybrid working?

  • Reduced travel
  • More time for family
  • Less stress
  • Greater productivity
  • Staff satisfaction and loyalty
  • Attracting talented staff who live further away

How can IRIS help accountants set up hybrid working?

IRIS Anywhere enables you a pain-free way to offer hybrid working, enabling staff to switch seamlessly between locations.