5 reasons to utilise ID cards in your school, college or MAT

IRIS Blog image 833x300 1 | 5 reasons to utilise ID cards in your school, college or MAT
By Toby Lester | 17th June 2020 | 9 min read

Life for secondary schools, MATs and colleges is sure to change in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing is the topic of conversations for many leadership teams; everyday processes will inevitably adapt across sites, whether in classrooms, canteens or hallways, to ensure the health and hygiene of staff and students.  

Often, it’s the little things that make a big difference. In fact, a simple ID card could be the answer to many of your post-closure concerns. Here’s why... 


ID cards - they control student access into buildings, but that’s about it, right? Wrong!  

BioStore’s ID card solutions monitor time, attendance and classroom registrations, as well as library management, locker and building access, payments, print, copy facilities and more. From security and visitor control to payments and admin, ID cards offer up an all-in-one streamlined solution, protecting budgets and improving efficiency. 


The risks associated with cash payments are well known; coins and germs go hand in hand, in more ways than one. So, when it comes to students paying for meals in the canteen, any opportunity to eradicate cash is one to be seized, particularly in the wake of COVID-19. 

Cards can be preloaded with cash using a simple, user-friendly app, providing a convenient contactless method of payment. 


No card, no entry; it’s as simple as that! A single point of administration puts the control into your teams’ hands to manage your suite of solutions with ease. Monitor student attendance, ensure locker security, reduce cash on school grounds and even keep track of library books, all from one centralised system. 


Managed through BioStore ID Manager, administrators have total control over the printing, creation and permissions of cards. The platform integrates with leading school management software (MIS), streamlining administration and keeping processes simple for busy teams.  

Users are automatically managed, maintained and registered to the system, securely pulling through student data and photos, ensuring they are instantly ready to use across all applications. BioStore IDManager provides extensive error checking, too, alerting users to missing data or sizing errors before print. 


Last, but by no means least, make your ID cards easily identifiable with customisable templates and your own school branding. You work hard to maintain your school brand - make your ID cards work for you in more ways than one!

Simple to use and incredibly flexible, our market-leading ID card management system could improve security for your organisation in advance of the new academic year. Get in touch to find out more.