Better connected data is the key to unlocking MAT potential

choosing the key to | Better connected data is the key to unlocking MAT potential
By Nicholas Clark | 5th June 2023 | 3 min read

According to our recent survey, many Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) are struggling to manage their data.

More than a quarter of those who have data management teams cite effective data consolidation, analysis and interpretation as a key challenge.

While over half of those without data management teams stated they find it ‘difficult’ or ‘very difficult’ to combine information from different sources to better understand the overall performance of their trust.

The reality for MATs? Often, by the time data is manually extracted and consolidated, it’s already outdated.

For a MAT to reach its true potential, data consolidation, management and reporting must be better connected.

Why should MATs care about effective data consolidation?

Simply put, better connection enhances decision-making.

Being able to compare data with ease means you can better track attendance patterns and attainment, offering far more opportunity for timely interventions.

Digital registers are a great example of how better-connected data can improve performance; with these tools, you can quickly spot absence patterns and inform further investigation to ensure both pupils and schools are performing at their best.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Better connected data can also have a number of positive impacts on operations, including:

  1. Supports acquisitions and mergers
  2. Empowers and encourages staff to make improvements
  3. Enables earlier interventions
  4. Ensures standardisation of best practices across a trust

Harnessing the power of data with IRIS Central

IRIS Central, our data consolidation and reporting tool, changes the way MATs use their data, aggregating information not only from all school MISs – but also HR, finance and more – into one location to provide real-time, trust-wide reports.

Presented in easy-to-read dashboards, the information in IRIS Central helps MAT leaders understand their trust on a whole new level, empowering them to make data-based decisions quickly and easily.

Whether it’s understanding why a year group is thriving or a student is struggling, IRIS Central simplifies the way MATs can track trends at a school, year or pupil level.

It’s never been easier to pick out patterns, replicate successes and, where necessary, make early interventions.

IRIS Central - your control tower for more effective trust management

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Transformative tech made easy

IRIS Central offers MATs the opportunity to transform performance for the better and improve student outcomes, providing a variety of features and benefits on a cloud-based system.

Highlights include:

  • A strategic approach to data: build your own dashboard or use one of our 25 pre-built dashboards, including the popular attendance dashboards, to focus on the data important to your trust. Identify trends and carry out targeted and timely interventions by cross-referencing with other information, such as assessments
  • A trust-wide view of data: seamlessly pull data from a number of sources and systems to easily collate and analyse the information, presenting key findings in an easy-to-digest format
  • Benchmarking: IRIS Central brings data from various sources, including DfE, IDACI and OFSTED, to give reliable benchmarks for schools and trusts. External benchmarking data allows leaders to compare their data on a national or local scale

David Houghton, Chief Operating Officer of Kernow Learning, comments: “IRIS Central is an exciting, robust solution that is revolutionising our central Trust databases. It ensures our leaders are empowered to spend more time on creating a better experience for our pupils.”

Accessible data = better performance

IRIS Central is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing MATs to grant access to staff across the group, transcending the confines of the data manager’s office and ultimately empowering staff with the specific data they need to excel in their role, at the specific time they need it.

With all data in one place, staff can spend less time collating and more time actioning plans to improve performance, championing better outcomes for students.

Want more information on IRIS Central? Watch a demo or contact a member of our team here.