Cut Admin with Online Payments for Schools

By Jocelyn Levy | 2nd November 2020 | 7 min read

Online payments for schools can make a difference to administrative operations, making things simpler, easier and more manageable for schools. And best of all, such solutions are attractive and beneficial to students and parents too.

Online payments for schools

Cashless payments for schools can be implemented for catering first and foremost. It is the most efficient system schools could use to collect catering payment. If schools can take cash payments out of the school canteen, and allow parents to top up their child’s account online, parents and the school would quickly see a host of benefits. Primarily, online school payments can increase the uptake of catering by making it easier for parents and more attractive to students. The one thing students hate is a queue for their lunch. For a start there is socialising to be done, football to be played or lunch time clubs to attend. Therefore, long queues are a big turn off.

With the increased number of students purchasing school meals, schools want a secure and simple way to track payments and track Free School Meals. The FasTrak cashless catering system makes that easy for schools. Payments are automatically recorded as they are withdrawn from the catering account parents can top-up online.

For the school financial team, a fully cashless system means reconciliations of payments are easy to track. Likewise, cash counting duties are removed. There is also less need to arrange cash collections from school.

Implement a trusted online payment system

The implementation of online payments for schools , including their catering, creates a platform that parents interact with regularly and become comfortable with. They no longer have to find cash and coins each morning to give to their children. They will be able to securely pay for school items online and view full transactions history.