MIS Integration Key to Cashless Catering Success

By Jocelyn Levy | 2nd November 2020 | 7 min read

Even the best software solutions for schools are undermined if they don’t properly integrate with a Management information System (MIS). Without such integration, you devalue the solution and your MIS, using neither to their full potential.

Easy integration vital

We know how important it is for schools to be able to integrate other school applications to their MIS to make it possible to share data and keep all the information centralised. They help schools operate smoothly on a daily basis, benefitting everyone, from school governors down to students. The unification of data and operations provided by MIS plays a vital role in the school’s management. We believe it is equally vital that our identity management solution, including cashless catering, integrates with all the leading MIS available on the market; including our school MIS IRIS Ed:gen.

Cashless catering – enhancing MIS

BioStore’s ability to integrate with most MIS providers ensures solutions like cashless catering, operate with minimal disruption. This ensures accurate and up to date information is available to all catering staff.

The MIS system can be used to make the set-up of a new cashless catering system incredibly easy. The catering database can be populated with all the required student’s data simply from the school’s Management Information System. This can include names, images, age, year group, class, FSM eligibility and anything else relevant to the catering operation. It could even disseminate allergy information to catering if such data exists. This would immediately let the catering solution prevent students purchasing meals potentially harmful to them.

Knowledge is power

Our identity management system makes it easy to manage different software applications via one secure central database. Users only need one secure authentication on the identity management system to access a range of application, such as catering, attendance, locker management, library management, computer log-on, print and copy and many more.