Online School Solutions to Remove Cash

By Jocelyn Levy | 2nd November 2020 | 7 min read

Online school solutions are the way to help schools to get cash out of the school environment. A cashless environment in a school is desirable for students, staff and the school’s operations. On top of that, done right, life is easier for parents too.

Online school payment system

When you give parents an online school payment system, you free them of the hunt for cash and change. They don’t need to ensure they always have change on hand to give their child for catering. Instead, meals are paid for in advance on the online payment system from home, from a connected device on the go, or at PayPoints located in public spaces around the country. Auto-top up can be set-up to make management of payment for school meals even simpler.

The same online solution can be used for other payments around the school, like school trips. Payment is made far easier for parents for all kinds of transactions. Collecting money is automated and consistently tracked for school financial staff too. And students don’t have to worry about carrying change around school, a potential source of confrontation and bullying.

Online school solutions give parents control

Online school payment solutions have even more benefits for parents. For parents who are concerned and interested in their child’s diet at school (most of them), such online solutions help in a couple of ways.

Firstly, online payment and the removal of cash helps parents ensure that the money they allocate for school meals is spent in the right place. When parents give students cash, there is no guarantee that the money is spent at school. They could just as easily spend it in the local corner shop on the way home. Online systems eradicate that issue.

Secondly, schools can offer a pre-ordering option with the online solution. With these options, parents can really get involved in the child’s diet. Together with their child, they can plan and pre-order their meals for the coming weeks, ensuring an overall healthy diet can be delivered.

Slowly but surely, cash is becoming less common across the UK. Keep up with the times and start offering parents online school solutions to deliver systems that work better for them and the school.