Our top three reasons to go cashless with +Pay

Cashless payments with +Pay improve processes for schools and parents
By Steve Cox | 7th July 2020 | 14 min read

If your school is seeking a versatile, streamlined and cost-efficient way of managing parent payments,  +Pay is the solution for you. Still unsure? Here are the top three reasons schools across the country are talking about +Pay. 

Every payment, every day 

Lunch money, school trips, uniform, events – the list of payments you need to collect from parents goes on. Your payments platform needs to be as versatile as the items you’re collecting payments for.  

Enter +Pay. 

Designed with the needs of schools in mind, +Pay includes functionality to simplify payment administration. So, for your wraparound care, lunch money and menus, our Advance Bookings system collects bookings, meal choices and payments in one simple process; for school shop items, such as uniform, P.E. kits, books and stationery, our school shop system enables schools to set colours and size options. For trips and events, schools can set purchase limits for parents, payment deadlines, windows and more; the list goes on!

Unrivalled functionality makes +Pay the most flexible payments platform around. While you might suspect a platform with so many options to be complicated, +Pay is developed to be anything but. Setting up payment items (or duplicating old ones, in the instance of recurring items) and managing payment admin is quick, easy and convenient.


Supporting modern parents 

From managing finances with personal banking to ordering the weekly shop online, the modern-day parent is making the most of technology – and who can blame them? Parents expect the same level of simplicity and convenience from school administration as they do from their own personal banking.  

And it’s proven; when processes are simple for parents, schools receive a great response.  

Parents love paying via our free mobile app and online portal. For extra convenience, +Pay saves payment details (including debit and credit card, PayPoint and PayPal) enabling easy payments in seconds. Push notifications and low balance reminders alert them to payments due, and parents can manage payments for more than one child, across different schools, from one account.  

+Pay also facilitates free school meals, pupil premium, cash and cheque payments, ensuring total inclusivity and uptake across your community. 


Schools love +Pay because it manages every aspect of the payment process. Inbuilt accounting codes, multiple registers and a flexible reporting suite reduce time-consuming administration. The system integrates seamlessly with SIMS and other management information systems (enabling payment management against your registers), as well as leading cashless catering providers. 

With some of the lowest transaction and subscription costs on the market, +Pay also helps schools of all sizes achieve substantial savings. 

If that doesn’t persuade you to the wonders of +Pay, book a demo to see the platform in practice.