School Attendance Software That helps Keep Track

By Jocelyn Levy | 2nd November 2020 | 2 min read

School attendance software is something all schools need in one way or another. Keeping track of attendance levels is vital, not least because it’s a legal requirement for children to attend school, but because they know without good attendance, the rest of their good work is undermined.

School attendance software for primary schools

Here at BioStore, our FasTrak school attendance software for primaries makes it easy for primary school students’ attendance to be recorded. In primary schools, the overall absence rate according to official Government figures for the autumn/spring 2017/18 terms was 4.2 per cent.

Schools need to reliably record these absences, but they want to be able to do it quickly and without disrupting the school day. Our FasTrak school attendance software combines attendance recording with the process of students picking school food for the day. Using an interactive whiteboard, students select the school meal they are going to have that day. They pick from today’s menu or select a packed lunch. That way their attendance is recorded as they make their selection, and the school’s kitchen staff get an update in the morning letting them know exactly what the demands on the kitchen will be. Those not in attendance simply have their absence marked down instead.

Having school attendance software integrate with another bit of school admin ensures that a task that must be done is more efficient and productive than it would be otherwise. It has to be done every day, so schools might as well make it achieve more than one thing at once.

Secondary school attendance software

The need for reliable school attendance software is perhaps even greater in secondary schools. The government figures for absence showed overall levels are higher than in primary schools, sitting at 5.4 per cent. Over the last ten years, absence levels have dropped significantly, but 5.4 per cent did represent a slight increase from last year.

The school attendance software we deliver to secondary schools uses BioStore’s identity management solutions. It’s an approach not suitable in primary schools but when implemented in secondaries with the school’s needs in mind, can be very effective.

We offer school attendance software that can make use of biometrics, smartcards or PINs to allow students to register their attendance simply. They just have to scan or enter the registration at an ID point located at school entrances or the entrances to classrooms. Schools could require a scan simply in morning registration or record attendance from class to class. When all it takes is a quick scan, student attendance is recorded seamlessly and quickly, letting teachers get on with teaching, and not worrying about taking a register.

School attendance software is a requirement for all schools. Make sure you’re getting the most out of it, instead of it getting in the way.