School MIS Integration Made Easy

By Jocelyn Levy | 2nd November 2020 | 7 min read

FasTrak’s Cashless Catering and Attendance systems are built with simple school MIS integration in mind. The move to new systems that make the school day more efficient should not be a disruptive process. We ensure we make it a smooth transition when adopting our solutions.

FasTrak’s simple school MIS integration

School MIS integration is the cornerstone of guaranteeing the switch to FasTrak is simple. Our applications and solutions are flexible and integrate with all leading School MIS Systems.

Whether it is cashless catering, attendance, library management or other services, the FasTrak solution can immediately start using the same information and data already on your system.

You can pull the data from your MIS to work with FasTrak’s solutions, ensuring it is up to date and accurate. You only need to continue updating the MIS system, and all edits and changes will disseminate into the range of FasTrak’s solution in use.

One example of the power of this integration would be allergies. Update student information about allergies in the MIS, and automatically, FasTrak Cashless Catering will have that information to use. It can then be used to prevent students ordering meals that are dangerous to their health.

Complete integration across applications

School MIS integration goes beyond just FasTrak’s Cashless Catering and Attendance. It can be integral in other school solutions that make use of BioStore’s identity management services. The same authentication used for catering and attendance, integrated into the school MIS, can be used for other applications.

The school library is a prime example of this. The same database, MIS integration and authentication could be utilised for a number of services. First and foremost, the borrowing and returning of books could be integrated into the system. So could the simple task of computer log-in. Integrating into all these solutions provides security to schools and improves convenience for students. All they need is one authentication to access all systems around the school campus.

School lockers can also be integrated. This would allow students to access their lockers with nothing more than a fingerprint, smartcard, password or PIN.

We keep school MIS integration simple here at BioStore, so you can employ powerful solutions that transform the school quickly and with ease.