The Advantage of Electronic School Attendance Registration Systems

By Jocelyn Levy | 2nd November 2020 | 7 min read

Electronic school attendance registration systems: What are they and how do they help schools? Well, they are a way of making attendance registration simple, fast and automated because there’s no need for pen and paper or a roll call. Electronic registration lets students record their attendance as they walk through the door.

Electronic school attendance registration systems for secondary schools

Once students enter secondary school, electronic school attendance registration systems became an enticing option for schools. It’s a form of attendance monitoring that gives students a bit more responsibility and independence but has room for intervention to ensure accuracy.

First, students are given a method of authentication to identify themselves. This could be a smartcard, a biometric registration like a fingerprint, or a password if preferred. As students enter a classroom or morning registration, they simply scan their fingerprint or smartcard on an ID point at the entrance of the class. It’s quick on-the-fly method of registering attendance. Teachers can get on with their lessons right away rather than taking a register, but they can of course amend the records during the course of the lesson if they notice an inaccuracy.

Fingerprint registration is a particularly powerful form of this registration method. For a start it’s extremely secure and accurate – the system can’t be fooled. But it’s also very convenient for students and staff. Students can’t lose or forget their biometric, and the school doesn’t have to spend money on replacing lost cards.

Electronic school attendance registration systems for older students

Electronic school attendance registration systems work just as well for older students, in college and university. By that age, independence is important to students, and they are likely to be coming and going from campus more regularly. An electronic system they can sign-in and sign-out of school premises with is a valuable tool for such students.

They can manage their own time and attendance with electronic registration. They’re in charge, but the school still gets the important information it needs – particularly emergency lists of who is on campus at any given time.

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