The Advantages of Automated Attendance Systems

By Jocelyn Levy | 2nd November 2020 | 7 min read

Automated attendance systems can make life easier for staff and students in secondary schools, colleges and university. They are extremely convenient for students to use but also give them more responsibility and control of their education.

Student independence with automated attendance systems

FasTrak’s automated attendance systems use biometrics, smartcards or Pins and passwords to give students a way of registering their own attendance. Educational institutes can use any combination of the authentication to make a solution that’s perfect for them.

Let’s take biometrics as an example. Such a solution would allow students to simply scan their fingerprint as they enter a classroom to register their attendance. It’s an incredibly reliable and secure method because there’s no way to fool such a system. And for students, it couldn’t be simpler or more convenient. A fingerprint authentication means they don’t have to remember anything, and they can’t ever lose it.

In a secondary school, attendance could be registered with a simple scan in morning and afternoon registration, but it could also be used on a class by class basis. It’s a form of attendance registration that frees up more time for teaching, and that also creates reliable lists of who is where and when, perfect in the case of an emergency.

For college and university an automated attendance system is arguably at its best. It’s a system that works perfectly for independent students who will come and go throughout the day. It’s a hassle free way of indicating attendance in a flexible and fluid learning environment.

Automated attendance systems providing unified solution

The great thing about automated attendance systems, is that the authentication method used, whether biometrics, smartcards or Pins and Passwords, can be used for so much more around the school as well.

In all educational environments, the same authentication could be used to pay for cashless catering for example, allowing for a cashless environment. The authentication could be used to manage library services, log on to computers, activate follow me -printing. Really, any scenario that could benefit from identity management and verification can benefit. Schools, colleges and universities can make solutions perfect for them with our identity management solutions, find out more about our solutions for education.