Top tips from ParentMail super users

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By Toby Lester | 5th December 2019 | 2 min read

We asked schools to share their top tips, best practice and advice for using the ParentMail platform to its full potential. Now, we’re excited to share your feedback with the ParentMail community! 

Here are our top five favourite suggestions for making the most of ParentMail to save time and streamline admin, every day: 

Save time with templates 

“Make your templates - these are then handy and easy to use - SMS, email, forms... We use them daily for just some of the following: child not collected, no lunch booked, bumped head, football Friday. Also, get parents signed up by app by offering incentives.” 

“Search for an old template, i.e. last years’ letter and change the dates rather than re-write the whole thing! Anything with a green dot has new, 'undealt-with' info on it!”  

Test your communications 

“Create a fictious parent and child to test out new applications/forms etc. I have Betty and Billy Anyone linked to my personal email address and it's great to be able to see ParentMail from a 'parent' perspective.”  

Registering parents 

“Don't give parents a choice regarding registering. Be a cashless school and refuse to take cash.” 


“Work through the reject report, its not that daunting once you get used to it. We now have 100% of email contacts. If you don't have contact details phone the parent!” 

Thank you to everyone who shared their top tips with us!  

Did you find these tips to be helpful? ParentMail should be supporting you to save time, reduce workloads and save money. If you aren't not feeling the true benefits of your platform, you might benefit from a hands-on refresher with a ParentMail trainer.

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