Why Order School Meals Online

By Jocelyn Levy | 2nd November 2020 | 7 min read

When you let parents order school meals online, you can increase the number of students using your catering services in schools. Payment is easier for parents, and collecting meals each day is smoother for students when no cash is needed.

Let parents order school meals online

If parents order school meals online, it benefits them in multiple ways. First of all, it simply makes payment easier. Parents don’t have to give their child cash or change every morning. Additionally, parents can enable auto-top up payments to make sure their child’s account will never run out of funds.

Parents can see exactly how much their child is spending on school meals and ensure that money is being spent on healthy school meals. Without an online payment system, there is no guarantee when giving cash to students that they will spend it in the canteen and not at a corner shop on the way home.

Parents can get even more involved in their child diet’s. They can view meal transactions at any time, but also pre-order their child’s meals too. Parents can view the available options for the weeks ahead and choose the meal for each weekday.

Parents can deliver a much more balanced diet for their children with the information an online system puts in their hands.

The hidden upside for schools

It’s not just parents who benefit from an online school meal system. Schools can increase the number of students using their catering when a cashless system is in place. Students know that queues in the canteen are not a problem and that they can get their meal quickly.

Pre-ordering also helps the kitchen staff better prepare. Alongside the end-of-day reporting the FasTrak system provides, catering staff have all the information they need to run an economically efficient service.

But most of all, more students getting a healthy meal, benefits students themselves the most. Good health and nutrition are a base platform all students should have a right to in order to do their best. Moving payments to an online platform is a way schools can help ensure more students, including those on Free School Meals, get that baseline health and nutrition.