IRIS Cascade Study Reveals Top Concerns for HR Professionals

By Sam Thomas | 16th January 2017 | 14 min read

A study commissioned by IRIS Cascade, a part of IRIS' HCM Division, has highlighted the top concerns for HR professionals in the year ahead.

The research found that the areas of HR respondents foresaw the biggest changes in during 2017 were recruitment, managing organisational change and staff morale. 275 industry professionals were questioned for the research to uncover their opinions on Brexit and other significant economic developments.

Regarding the research, IRIS HCM’s CEO, Oliver Shaw, said: The media has, understandably, been dominated with talk of Brexit in recent months. Yet we must acknowledge that change is now commonplace within the business environment. In fact, nearly three quarters of the HR professionals we polled (73%) said that they encounter change on a frequent basis.

“So, whilst we must all develop plans to equip ourselves with the challenges – and opportunities – that Brexit may bring, we cannot become fixated on this issue alone. HR departments, in collaboration with senior management teams, need to analyse the ‘temperature’ of their workforce, and develop strategies to overcome all of the changes that may lie ahead.

“This is actually a stat I would like to see increase throughout 2017. HR professionals hold a wealth of data at their fingertips and tech vendors should be working hard to ensure clients make smarter use of the intelligence within their HRIS.

“The findings we uncovered from this research correlate with many of the topics our clients are asking us for help with. Recruitment, change management and morale/engagement are certainly hot topics for our customer base at the moment, but these are certainly areas that savvy HR teams are equipped to handle.”

HR Software to Manage HR Change

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