Less time in work, more timesheets on your payroll?

IRIS timesheet payroll | Less time in work, more timesheets on your payroll?
By Alan Gregory | 7th October 2019 | 2 min read

In case you missed it, Labour has committed to a 32 hour working week within the next decade, with no loss of pay. It was announced by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell in a speech to the party’s annual conference in Brighton this September.

It’s not just the UK’s working week that they seek to change either, they also pledged to set up a Working Time Commission, with the power to put forward recommendations for increases in statutory annual leave entitlements – which would be introduced “as quickly as possible without increasing unemployment”.

The Labour party seek to end in-work poverty by restoring full trade union and workplace rights “on day one”, rolling out collective bargaining and bringing in a Real Living Wage of at least £10 an hour. Unlike other nations, there will be no cap on working hours, instead, they want unions and employers to negotiate. The changes could be in the form of shorter shifts, extended holidays, or even a four day week.

A poll conducted by YouGov discovered that 63% of Britons would back a four day working week, and 71% thought that it would make them happier.

But what would these changes mean for the world of payroll and HR?

It could mean flexible working hours, staff shifts or additional holiday entitlement to prepare for, and UK organisations will need to be ready for whatever changes are brought their way.

How can IRIS help?

The precedent has already been set by Silicon Valley, Sweden and other nations, and there’s no reason that other UK businesses won’t soon follow suit.

We offer a wide range of software solutions and services to alleviate the pressure placed on UK businesses. Whether it’s our IRIS HR timesheet software to help you successfully manage staff shifts, our powerhouse IRIS Payroll Professional Software, or our Outsourced Payroll Service to take the heavy lifting off your hands and enable you to get back to doing what you do best.