Why use Fingerprint Identification Around the Office?

By Jocelyn Levy | 2nd November 2020 | 8 min read

Fingerprint identification is the way to make the daily office experience incredibly secure, while at the same time amazingly simple for employees. You can say good bye to clunky passwords and hello to simple scans when you go with fingerprint identification.

Fingerprint identification for access control

Fingerprint identification first and foremost allows you to reliably and securely authenticate people’s identity. Fingerprints stop people from using other peoples forms of authentication. No one can learn your fingerprint like they could a PIN code and they can’t steal it like they might a smartcard. Therefore, when someone uses fingerprint identification to authenticate themselves, you know it is them for sure. This allows for safe and flexible access control systems.

You can implement fingerprint sensors to control access to all kinds of things around the office. It could start in the office car park, progress to access to the building and rooms within. It could control access to computer log-in, lockers or even printing jobs. There are all kinds of scenarios around the office that fingerprint authentication could be integrated into, from the start of the work day right through to the end.

The security fingerprint identification provides is the number one benefit, but what makes it attractive to employees is the simplicity. To access a wide array of areas, services and applications, all they need is the same fingerprint. It makes the office a smooth and unified place of work. Everything employees need to get around the office is literally at their fingertips.

Make catering simple with fingerprint identification

To make the ultimate convenient and unified experience in the office, integrating fingerprint identification with catering is the way to go. When employees can pay for catering in the canteen or from a vending machine just using their fingerprint, you can speed catering and make it more attractive to employees.

All they need to do is top-up an online account. BioStore allows auto top-up to make the process easy once the system is set up. Payment for meals from the canteen or vending machines are then just deducted from the online account. There’s no need to bring cash to work or pull out credit and debit cards at lunch. Service is kept quick and simple instead.

Encouraging employees to get a proper lunch break can help improve the office in a number of ways. Good and healthy food keeps your employees full of energy and fuels their work in the afternoon. But it also gives employees a chance to bond and be social, improving team morale and connections.

A flexible solution

We offer the use of PINs, smartcards and fingerprint biometrics for our identity management solutions here at BioStore. What is implemented comes down to what best fits the clients needs. But fingerprints are the method we recommend most for those looking to make the workspace simple and secure in one fell swoop.