10 Benefits of Biometric Systems in Business

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By Jocelyn Levy | 2nd November 2020 | 8 min read

Biometric systems in business make more sense than you might first have realised. It’s technology that is no longer reserved for the likes of James Bond. But it can also be used in way more places than just your smartphone. What would be the advantage of biometric systems in the workplace? We’ll let us tell you.

1. Secure office access

It’s probably what you’ve seen in a movie – a high-tech iris scan unlocking the way to a highly sensitive resource. Well that’s cool, but fingerprint scans for secure office access are a possible reality in this day and age for more organisations than you might realise. With a fingerprint biometric lock on doors, you ensure only approved individuals can gain access with a low-cost solution.

2. Enhance cyber security

Biometrics can also improve log-in to computers by being used in multi-factor authentication solutions. In this way, biometrics don’t only protect your business premises physically, but help defend it digitally.

3. Make life easy

The great thing about biometrics is while they increase security, they do it without introducing hassle to users. In fact, biometrics are incredibly easy to use for employees. All they need to authenticate who they are is themselves; it couldn’t be easier.

4. Cut admin costs

Biometrics for authentication in the long run will save you money and time. Registration on a fingerprint system is low-cost and speedy - and employees will never have to waste time resetting passwords or acquiring replacement smartcards for the ones they have lost.

5. Create a unified workplace

With a solution like BioStore’s, not only is the experience of authenticating yourself fast and easy, but because we allow offices to employ such authentication into so many solutions and services, it creates a unified and simple to use workplace. The same biometric is what grants access to the office, logs on to computers, collects printing and even pays for catering.

6. Speed Catering

No one likes catering that is slow and cumbersome. If you introduce biometric cashless catering in an office you can ensure catering operations are fast. You can encourage employees to get a proper meal daily when you make catering attractive and valuable to them. Whereas, if office catering means standing in a queue for 10 minutes, it’s rarely worthwhile.

7. Increase productivity

With biometrics speeding and simplifying the office, you can let employees concentrate on their work, and not on solving mundane office logistical problems. Biometric cashless catering allows them to use their lunch break more efficiently, and come back ready to work refocused and re-energised.

8. Improve audit trails

The one thing biometrics guarantee is people are who they say they are. So, in a security incident or emergency, employers can know exactly who was were and when in the office. For emergencies it’s vital information but can also help solve office disputes. No one can use anyone else’s biometric, reducing confusion.

9. Record attendance reliably

Along the same lines, work attendance is recorded automatically and reliably with a biometric entrance system. There can be no disputes about hours worked when the biometric record can not lie. It’s valuable for HR to have the correct data and helps protect employee and employer.

10. Future-proof with Biometric systems in Business

Introduce biometric systems in business now to stay ahead of the curve. Biometric solutions are only growing in use in our private lives, bringing us benefits daily by increasing security and convenience. Don’t let what is going to become standard slip by your office. Act today and you create a work environment fit for purpose for years to come.