Business Benefits of Implementing a Unified Identity & Access Management System

By Alan Gregory | 17th September 2019 | 8 min read

The implementation of an identity and access management system brings convenience and security throughout an organisation. While it’s not something that you immediately think can make a huge difference, the wealth of marginal gains a well-oiled system brings massively enhances an organisation’s workflow and productivity. Plus, businesses need robust systems that implement strong security and safeguard personal data ensuring GDPR compliance.

What is a unified identity & access management system?

An identity & access management system is a way of defining and managing staff and visitor access rights to buildings, rooms and digital assets within an organisation. The system administrators can change users’ role in real time, track their movements and create reports on all activities.

Registered users on the database can authenticate their identity using their fingerprint, smart card, PIN or password. A system that uses a biometric fingerprint has the best balance between convenience and security.

What does that actually mean for organisations on a practical level then? Here’s everything you can do with a system like BioStore:

Access to buildings and meeting rooms

BioStore’s solution can be used to define all access permissions and monitor the use of these in real time. Different identities are granted different levels of access to the building itself and rooms within it. Times and dates can be set up for all users, where you can control the time and day when users can access any of the rooms across the workplace.

Computer log-on

An identity & access management system can be used to manage access to all devices such as laptops, computers and more by providing a simple and secure log-in method.

Pull me printing

The authentication of printing jobs can be linked to the same system. Employees authorise and collect their printing job at a time convenient to them. This kind of pull-printing printing is more secure and efficient.

Cashless catering

Through the use of pre-paid accounts that are easily topped-up online, an organisation’s catering can also be integrated into the identity & access management system. This helps make service quick at lunch time. No cash handling is needed as payments are made with a quick scan of the authentication method the organisation uses. No queues and fast service encourages more employees to use office catering.

Locker access

Lockers can be a super handy addition to employees and especially help encourage an active workforce. When there is somewhere to safely keep a change of clothes, scheduling in physical activity before or after work, or even during a lunchbreak, becomes much easier. They are particularly convenient when they use the same identity & access management system.

Visitor access

BioStore’s system works by temporarily allowing visitors to use the identity & access management system already in place. Visitors receive a smartcard that gives them access to all the services and applications in your office. Organisations are in complete control of the permissions and rights on that smartcard, and can keep track of where that visitor is on the site at all times.

A unified system

Getting around the office becomes convenient and secure when a robust identity & access management solution with a central database is used. We provide organisations with an authentication method that best suits their needs: passwords, PINs, smartcards of biometrics.

Regardless of the authentication method used, when integrated into your physical and digital access points, getting around the office is kept simple.

The convince and security our system brings is paramount to any organisation. Organisations can rest assured the people in the workplace are who they say they are, where they are meant to be and safe from intruders. The use of multi factor authentication can further enhance security. Find out more.

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