Bypass the Password with Biometric Computer Logon

By Jocelyn Levy | 2nd November 2020 | 7 min read

Biometric computer logon can make life easy for students in a school or workplace. All they would require to log on to their computers is a quick scan of their fingerprint.

Ease of biometric computer login

Biometric computer login works by taking advantage of BioStore’s Identity management system. Employees or students are registered and enrolled quickly and simply. A fingerprint scan is all that is needed to register and then it is what is used to authenticate identity. The Identity Management system then helps manage multiple applications around the school or workplace using the same one unified database. It can be integrated into attendance, catering, lockers, and much more. It makes everything around the office or school simple to access.

And through synchronisation with Windows active Directory, that same simple biometric authentication can be used to logon to computers. A small USB attached biometric scanner is all that is needed to make fingerprint recognition work for logon. It means no difficult password policies need to be maintained, and logon is kept simple and reliable.

Alternative login

Biometric computer logon is certainly the most convenient and secure approach, but it’s not applicable for everyone. That’s why in addition to biometrics, we also offer the use of smartcards, PINs or passwords. In fact, we allow organisations to build multi-factor authentication solutions if they wish.

If organisations choose to stick with passwords for computer logon, BioStore can still help make operations run smoother using our Identity Management. In this scenario, identity management is instead used for password management and reset.

Rather than having to notify IT staff every time a password is forgotten, employees or students can reset it themselves at a password manger ID point. They verify their identity with a biometric, smartcard or PIN and are given a temporary password to allow them to login and reset their password.

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