Free CPD-accredited courses as new IRIS Training Centre launches

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By James Nadal | 6th February 2020 | 1 min read

Our brand new IRIS Training Centre, packed with a wide range of free CPD-accredited courses, is going live very soon. 

Designed to ensure you get the maximum value from our software, you will be able to discover how to improve efficiency, save time, and other great ways your practice can reap the benefits.  

There will a range of new and updated courses pertaining to all of the modules in IRIS Accountancy Suite. 

And, for the first time, we’re offering training courses across all of our product range, including payroll and HR. 

IRIS Training Centre is the new and much improved successor to IRIS OpenLearning, which will be switched off on 12 March. 

Among the enhancements on offer are: 

  • A fresh, modern interface with a cleaner look and feel 
  • An enhanced, friendlier user experience 
  • New and updated content  
  • A back catalogue of training videos  
  • Easier to search for the content you want 
  • More intuitive navigation  
  • Quicker, simpler registration 
  • Immediate access after sign up 
  • Available anywhere, anytime for staff to learn at own pace 

The courses are an easy way to introduce your staff to the IRIS Accountancy Suite software and to ensure they have the essential knowledge to use our tools effectively in their daily work. 

Our training also enables staff to keep up to date with the full range of functionality, the latest new features, and upgrades released throughout the year.  

We also provide supplementary user guides and scripts that can be downloaded to help the learning process.  Just select the courses you want to take and away you go. 

We are certain that you are going to really enjoy and benefit from using the new IRIS Training Centre and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. 

Please register for the IRIS Training Centre by clicking here.

Happy learning!