Innervision appointed approved suppliers of Lease Advisory Services to NHS

Innervision appointed approved suppliers of Lease Advisory Services to NHS 2 | Innervision appointed approved suppliers of Lease Advisory Services to NHS
By Ryan Hendrie | 5th May 2016 | 3 min read


Innervision Management Ltd (“Innervision”) selected and appointed to framework by NHS SBS as approved supplier for the fulfilment of Lease Advisory Services.

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Under the framework, Innervision will simplify and speed up the process of financing the procurement of medical and IT assets and provide access to their web based Lease Portfolio Management Software, LOIS to assist in the management and optimisation of existing lease portfolios.

Innervision proudly announces that it has been appointed as one of the approved suppliers in the NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) Lease Advisory Services Framework. This 4 year, £30 million framework will run from 1st April 2016 through to 2020.

The new framework aims to provide Trusts and the wider public sector with a lease advisory service that will assist in the development of a capital equipment financing strategy for assets required by the Trusts. The service also provides an important process to identify, evaluate and effect potential savings from the existing lease portfolio of participating Trusts.

A total of 5 suppliers were appointed to this framework with Innervision being especially notable as the only new appointee.

For the selected suppliers, the ability to operate on an open book basis, to be fully compliant with public sector procurement activity and be fully conversant with all relevant accounting regulations governing lease classifications were all critical criteria for tender evaluation.

Innervision’s “LOIS” integrated lease management software provides participating Trusts with the ability to record, monitor, evaluate and manage new and existing leases on a multitude of asset types. LOIS empowers users to identity available savings in cost and time across their existing leases through full visibility and control of their lease portfolio and lessor negotiations. Trusts will be able to engage Innervision’s experience with leasing, negotiation and their vast catalogue of lessors to enjoy compliant, well documented, appropriate and cost effective funding options that will be evaluated and designed on a whole life basis.

LOIS is available only through Innervision and is a web based lease management portal with a modular design that enables users to interrogate and centralise their lease portfolio and produce detailed reports on their leasing. As a bespoke, intuitive and automated SaaS platform, LOIS facilitates ease of management, informed decision making and long term savings through optimisation.

The framework’s primary function is to connect the Trusts with experienced and competent leasing advisors to provide financing alternatives for new asset acquisitions, as well as guidance and services to assist in the evaluation of the Trusts’ existing lease portfolio. This service will identify, in a timely manner, any value added benefit, cash releasing savings and/or changes to contract conditions to the benefit of the participating Trusts.

Innervision is very pleased that NHS SBS has recognised its ability to fulfil the strict criteria for the framework. Many users across the UK and the globe already enjoy and rely on the services made available by Innervision and we are looking forward to extending these options to the Trusts.
This appointment to the framework will make it easier for Trusts and other public bodies to experience the benefits of good housekeeping of existing leases, appropriate period and financial option for future leasing and make the most of the potential savings,
says Martin Kennard (CEO Innervision Management Solutions Limited).

If you wish to find out more about Innervision’s intuitive leasing solutions and the software and a service platform that many world leading brands already benefit from, you can get in touch with Innervision’s lead contact and NHS Account Manager, Richard Hunsley.





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