Innervision’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee on the Right Track

By Ryan Hendrie | 20th October 2015 | 2 min read

Innervision Corporate Social Responsibility Committee on the Right Track

Ethical business practice has always been an important part of how Innervision works. As an area we feel can and should always evolve, we recently decided to create an internal committee dedicated to further developing our sustainable focus. The new team, made up of volunteers, will help improve elements of our commitments to corporate social responsibility and will be driving our policy in a more sustainable direction.

Although Innervision has always endeavoured to act in a responsible manner, this time a year ago, we knew very little about corporate social responsibility and its place within our business. We have since educated ourselves and took our first steps into developing a sustainable strategy by becoming members of “Heart of the City”, a network of London business leaders dedicated to social awareness within the corporate sphere.
One year later, Innervision has thrown itself head first into making an impactful change and can already proudly boast successes.

The new focus, developed by the committee, looks to concentrate on four core elements; improving our workplace, reducing our environmental impact, developing further interaction amongst the community and ensuring best ethical practice within the marketplace. The team’s main aim is to systematically improve our commitment to each specific aspect of our policy to attain our overall goal of driving meaningful change.

In order to help facilitate this, we’ve recently teamed up with City Action, a London-based company and part of The City of London that help link corporate organisations with charities. The purpose of the initiative is for corporate entities to offer their products or services on a Pro Bono basis as well as getting businesses more involved in community organisations. Innervision is keen to ensure we are able to offer the most valuable and sustainable support to organisations that would truly benefit from it and are confident this collaboration with City Action will help achieve exactly that.

We’ve already been able to make steps towards our main goal such as the successful implementation of office-wide recycling, our recent foray into eco-conservation with the London Wildlife Trust and several sponsored events. We’ve come a long way in one year and cannot wait to continue evolving to ensure we use our privileged position as leasing experts to remain an ethically conscious and sustainable business.

Keep up to date and follow our developing sustainability strategy through the CSR section of our website. Be sure to take a look at this page for our detailed policy, the latest news and advancements of our progress.

Innervision Corporate Social Responsibility

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