IRIS Financials update: easier to use

Iris Financials launch Toolkit 1 Visual 1 | IRIS Financials update: easier to use
By Toby Lester | 30th March 2021 | 1 min read

The rumors are true: we’re proud to announce a new-look IRIS Financials (formerly PS Financials) bursting with schools' most requested new features. 

We’ve developed this update in response to the needs of multi-academy trusts. The past year has highlighted the need for trusts to have reliable, powerful, cloud-based management software, and we feel an obligation to provide the best possible example of this to our customers. 

This update builds on our tried-and-tested unified ledger structure, making it easier to navigate and even more effective for trust management teams. 

A single financial view 

Trust finances can be a large, sprawling beast. However, our new user-friendly dashboards can simplify the complex and provide a single financial view of your entire MAT. Trust leaders can track real-time spending against tightly managed, strict budgets, so you’re in total control. 

This makes it easier than ever to demonstrate the true impact of improvement initiatives across the trust. Because the software is cloud-based, staff at any location can collaborate and view this information with up-to-date figures.

Powerful automation 

School leadership and trust administrators are stretched for time. It’s important for administrative software to eliminate as many mundane tasks as possible from the working day. 

That’s exactly what IRIS Financials automated workflows are designed to do. Users can now configure workflows for bank reconciliation and prepayments to cover school dinners and class trips. This removes a significant bottleneck on staff time, leaving you free to focus on improving attainment rather than filing paperwork. 

Better than ever

In short, IRIS Financials is still the same cloud-based, multi-device financial software that schools have come to love and accessible on any device; however, now it’s easier to navigate thanks to a vastly improved user experience and interface. 

Want to find out more? Visit our website today to discover the full range of features that IRIS Financials has to offer.