IRIS HR Pro: introducing Kudos

IRIS HR Pro Kudos
By Anthony Wolny | 15th March 2021 | 1 min read

The way we work has forever changed, with some form of remote working now solidified as the new norm for many employees.

While this offers many benefits, such as eliminating time-consuming commutes and enabling people to spend more time with their friends and family – a sense of team comradery can be lost.

In many aspects of our working day-to-day, gone is the opportunity to quickly recognise and celebrate achievements.

Don’t worry, we’ve identified this gap, and we’re now addressing it with our new IRIS HR Pro feature, Kudos.

What exactly is IRIS HR Pro’s Kudos feature?

Kudos allows employees to send each other feedback and praise at any time.

This means when anything happens that colleagues and superiors want to acknowledge or celebrate, they can send a badge within IRIS HR Pro to highlight the achievement.

Other employees can then like and comment on these badges, rebuilding that sense of accomplishment and recognition that was once so simple in the office.

Another benefit of Kudos’ badges is that praise and accomplishments are captured within the system.

So, when you get round to employee appraisals, you have a log of these achievements, making it far easier to look back at the past highs.

How to get IRIS HR Pro’s new Kudos feature

If you’re an existing IRIS HR Pro + customer, Kudos will come as standard with your package and is an optional module for those on other packages.

For those who are already customers but aren’t on the + plan, please speak to your Account Manager to find out how you can get started with Kudos

Maybe you’re new to IRIS – if so, click here for more information on the IRIS HR Pro software to see how it can help you save time and money with a smarter way to manage HR.