KashFlow and ConnectMyApps announce partnership

By Sam Thomas | 16th March 2016 | 13 min read

We’re pleased to announce a new partnership between KashFlow and ConnectMyApps to provide users with integration of top E-Commerce, Point of Sale, and CRM applications.

The ConnectMyApps portal for KashFlow will allow users to easily integrate their KashFlow account with applications such as eBay, Amazon, Salesforce, Shopify, and many more. Further applications will be added in due course. This allows our users to experience seamless integration between their KashFlow account and third party applications, something which our users and partners have requested the cloud payroll software be able to do.

Tom Hext, Associate Product Manager for the IRIS Cloud Division, explained that “ConnectMyApps offers a fantastic opportunity to deliver an affordable, simple integration platform for our users with pre-defined applications and workflows to make setting up a new integration so easy.

“It not only gives us some great integrations now, but gives us the platform to continue to add new applications to the KashFlow marketplace based upon demand from our users on KashFlow Canvass. Just a week after launch, we have already added new workflows that allow invoices to be marked as paid in KashFlow as soon as payment arrives into the users chosen application.”

Key features of ConnectMyApps include:

- 5 minute set-up

Intuitive 3 step quick start wizard lets customers get integration set up within 5 minutes

- Update new and existing contacts

If contact details are changed in CRM, the updated details are synchronized to Kashflow. If a new customer orders in a webshop, a customer account is automatically created in Kashflow

- Synchronize or transfer data every 10 minutes automatically

No need for customers to manually transfer orders or contact information, the workflow runs in the background and checks for new data every 10 minutes

- Basic customization available

Within the workflow wizard, customers can set the criteria for workflows to run e.g. only transfer webshop orders with status ‘Paid’

Full details of the workflows and applications available can be found by visiting www.kashflow.com/apps or by clicking on the new ConnectMyApps tile within KashFlow

Tom will be running a free webinar today on Wednesday 16th March at 14:00 to introduce the opportunities available through KashFlow and ConnectMyApps’ integration. The session also gives you the chance to ask Tom any questions you may have. You can register for free using the button below.

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