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By Ryan Hendrie | 6th November 2014 | 2 min read



What does your role involve?

My role involves managing lessor relationships and arranging funding for some of the more complex leases Innervision looks at. I also deal with any funding queries that the account managers or account teams have and spend a lot of time consulting with lessors on the phone.

Describe a typical day in the office

I spend most of my time dealing with lease funding queries and any lessor issues that may come up, whether that’s proposed leasing quotes, reviewing documentation or any other portfolio analysis requests. I spend a lot of time speaking with lessors, updating them on a lessee’s specific compliance requirements, letting them know if they are offering competitive agreements or not and often meet with the lessors in person to either catch up or to discuss setting up new lessors for our clients.

What part of your role gives you the greatest satisfaction?

Finally getting a really big deal done because they are often quite stressful and take a long time to sort out with negotiating documentation, funding and making sure the lease agreements are IFRS compliant; when you finally get it done its really satisfying and a massive relief. They can vary in length; anything from urgent ones that need to be agreed and done within a week or as with one lease last year, we spent three months working on the deal and eventually got it finalised on New Year’s Eve!

What part of your role gives you the greatest challenges?

Agreeing initial documentation with lessors. We always look to improve documents for our clients to get them the best leasing deals possible, but it can be a long drawn out negotiation process. It can be difficult to balance the needs of the lessors against the requirements we have to protect our clients as well as making them compliant with the official leasing standard; we have to find an agreement that allows both to be happy with the arrangement. We can help negotiate leasing agreements that most lessees would not, which means we can save them some money.

If you could describe Innervision in three words, what would they be?

Professional - in our approach to working with people.
Understanding - of the needs of our clients where we've dealt with so many different types of lessees and different sizes of organisations.
Flexible - with our approach to them and the leasing consultancy and portfolio management services we can provide.

That’s a bit more than 3 words though…

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