Leasing, LOIS-ing & your Business

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By Ryan Hendrie | 5th August 2014 | 2 min read

Leasing, LOIS-ing & your Business

It can seem like an obvious question at times: why should I lease?

Doesn’t that mean that another company, not mine, will own the assets I use to ensure the success of my business? Well, yes and, eh, yes. And won’t I then have to keep track of all these different lease agreements, lease interest rate charges and all? Yes, again. But continue reading…please?

Here’s a question for you now. Do you ever feel that your business should have more available capital to spend on campaigns that will bring success? Yes? Who doesn’t love success? And are a few more records to keep and interest to pay really all that bad for having more capital available? No? These are the types of questions and scenarios Innervision addresses in its quest to facilitate time-saving and cost-reduction lease arrangements for large corporates and multinationals.

The question of how Innervision could possibly handle the leases of one large organisation never mind many is resoundingly answered by the highly advanced, Lease Portfolio Management (LPM) software, LOIS. With this revolutionary, cloud-based software package, greater compliance, cohesion and cost-cutting is integrated into a company’s entire lease portfolio, allowing that company to channel the added available time into their operations. 

In the competitive, modern business environment where it can feel like there is a myriad of business records and paperwork creating unnecessary headaches, LOIS and Innervision will help to iron out these issues so that you can get on with doing what you do best: providing much-needed services to your niche market. Whether it is IT consulting, construction projects or lion-taming, Innervision will ensure you have the best leasing arrangements, financially and legally.

Innervision doesn’t tell you how to run your business; we work in the background providing an invaluable service that allows companies to reach their true potential through cost-reduction, increased lease organisation and up-to-date compliance. Innervision ensures that companies are appropriately suited and booted to navigate the complexities of the business, and leasing, markets.

To find out more about Innervision's unique lease management software, LOIS, click here.

Alternatively, if you’d rather have a tailored and personalised demonstration of the system with one of our leasing specialists click the link below:

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