Making the Most of Vending Solutions

By Jocelyn Levy | 2nd November 2020 | 7 min read

Vending solutions in schools are still a worthwhile proposition when they are properly updated and maintained. And that means changing how they work and what they sell to fit modern times.

Integrating School vending solutions properly

It’s a shame when vending solutions do not match the rest of the school’s ethos. If you have spent time, effort and money installing cashless catering for example, it doesn’t make much sense if the vending machines in school still need cash and change to be used.

Here at BioStore FasTrak, we make it easy for schools to integrate vending machines into the overall school cashless catering system. It uses the same pre-paid accounts and it uses the same authentication students use for the overall catering solution. If students are using biometric fingerprints for example, all they would need to do to use a school’s vending machine is scan their fingerprint to withdraw their payment.

And parents need not fret, spending limits for each day can be set. You can stop children from just using the school’s vending machine to get multiple quick unhealthy snacks instead of a proper school meal.

Healthy vending solutions

But really, that’s where vending solutions in schools need to change too. Again, it makes no sense if the school canteen has a healthy food focus but is undermined by unhealthy options in vending machines.

Schools should look to use vending machines to strengthen their healthy food policy, offering healthier snacks and fruit. The vending machine is about getting a quick snack when in a rush, it shouldn’t be about getting soda and chocolate.

So, to keep school vending machines relevant, it’s about updating what they sell and how they sell it. Here at BioStore, we can retro-fit existing machines to be incorporated into your cashless catering system or can provide whole new machines with scanners already in place.

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