Managing your client list with HMRC

By Jenny Strudwick | 27th February 2018 | 1 min read

Did you know that the place you manage your client list with HMRC is about to change?

Currently you will be managing your client lists via the Government Gateway website but as part of the Government Gateway Transformation Programme this functionality will fall under HMRC services. 

HMRC have taken the opportunity to bring this function under their umbrella so it behaves more like other HMRC services. They have also made some improvements to the layout and feel of this service. 

From 26 February 2018 you will be able to access this functionality when you login through HMRC services: sign in or register. When you login as an agent the ‘your account’ section will allow you to manage your client lists. The ‘home page’ is also being enhanced making it easier for you to join or leave any particular service. 

The Government Gateway website will still be accessible and you can continue to use this service for managing your client lists for the time being, but once HMRC are happy with their new site the capability to manage client lists will be withdrawn from the Government Gateway. So it’s worth taking a look and making sure that you are comfortable with the new options before then.