Our new reports: you asked, we delivered

By Toby Lester | 18th September 2019 | 7 min read

A while back, we asked our customers which reports they’d like to see added to our market-leading IRIS Financials software.

Well, you asked, and we delivered! Remember, if you have an idea for a report that you want to see made a reality, get in touch.

Notable new reports

We’ve added lots of new functionality with this update. It’s too much to talk about here, so we’ve selected some of the highlights for you.

VAT Calculation Checking report

With this new report, you can highlight any documents that have a VAT discrepancy. It does this by checking to see if the VAT amount posted against each document is correct based on the tax type used.

Supplier Spend report

This report fulfils a common audit request – to show the total spend for each supplier. There’s the ability to show both net and gross profit, as well as the option to view individual invoices over a specified amount and all suppliers that have accumulating invoices over a specified value.

Other brand new reports

We’ve added reports that show reasons why a document isn’t appearing on a pay list, new management accounts by cost centre reports, and a new chart of accounts for ledger accounts.

Updates to our most popular existing reports

Some of our existing reports have also been updated to meet your needs. For example, there’s a new version of the Management Accounts report that, instead of showing the document level, will drill down to the account after the nominal.

We’ve also included a standalone version of the Supplier Listing report that also includes a new VAT Number column and the ability to show or hide the supplier’s bank details.

If you’re interested in seeing the full suite of reports, don’t hesitate to get in touch and book a Reporting Suite or Analytics demo!