Secure Fingerprint Access Control for Staff Lockers

By Jocelyn Levy | 2nd November 2020 | 7 min read

Staff lockers are a useful addition many businesses appreciate, but they can be a bit of a nightmare to manage. How do you assign permanent and temporary access to staff? How do you control access reliably and safely? Modern technology makes the implementation and maintenance of staff lockers incredibly simple for an organisation.

Make staff locker management simple

The big management issue for staff lockers is the distribution of keys, especially when they go missing. This doesn’t only represent a security threat, but a replacement key also needs to be organised which results in extra time and cost dealing with the issue. The same kind of admin and management is required when someone changes the locker they use, or when people join and leave the organisation. BioStore’s locker management solution eliminates maintenance costs associated with lost keys, padlocks, and time spent managing the lockers.

Organisations need to integrate lockers into an overall identity management system that can be used throughout the organisation. Instead of a key, a biometric fingerprint can be used as a means of authentication.

Lockers can be assigned to staff through the use of BioStore’s Identity Management. A simple scan will open the locker, and is automatically locked when closed. When the staff wants to retrieve their belongings from the locker, they once again confirm their identity on the IDPoint to open it.

Improve locker security

Going with a fingerprint biometric approach has the added benefit of being more secure. There are two reasons for this:

Firstly, biometrics are a far securer method of authentication because they are intrinsically linked to identity in a way that keys, smart cards, PINs or passwords can never be. Only you can use your biometric. You can’t lose it, and no one can steal it.

Secondly, lockers authenticated with fingerprint biometric are not exposed to lock and key mechanism for thieves to prise open. The locking mechanism can be better protected with biometrics.

Convenient with added value

Is investing in staff lockers even worth it? Absolutely. Lockers are a great benefit to employees. Staff lockers can be particularly effective if combined with a workplace gym or showers. Changes of clothes can be easily stored away. They are more likely to cycle or run to work or do a work-out during lunch when lockers are available. Any benefit that can encourage healthier and fitter workforce should be taken.