Tablet devices – I’ve taken the pill

By Jon Martingale | 1st August 2013 | 7 min read

After many years of convincing myself I only need a laptop and smartphone, I've recently taken a giant leap into the 21st century. My decision was made a bit easier given recent speculation that the 'death of the PC' may be imminent and I could be left behind! This was enough for me to convince myself that I needed a tablet in my life, which is a big change for me as I've never used one and have always thought they were simply a toy.

Why take the tablet now?

Firstly, there is now a wide range of tablet devices available, many from instantly recognizable and good quality technology brands. And all with powerful specifications – certainly enough to satisfy the needs of the average user, as well as a whole host of apps.

Secondly, there is now a tablet available to satisfy nearly all budgets.  Personally, I have spent under £150 for my tablet. I think this is a very attractive and acceptable price and enough to tempt me into my purchase.

In my role as Product Manager at IRIS, I've spent a good amount of time this week using the latest IRIS cloud applications on my tablet. This has been a pleasure and I’ve been impressed with the performance of IRIS OpenBooks, IRIS OpenAudit, IRIS OpenSpace and IRIS OpenAudit on a tablet. I am confident that the combination of IRIS technology and new hardware is a great additional tool for the accountant looking to be more efficient and improve collaboration with clients. 

With the aid of smartphone tethering, I have been able to review and sign off IRIS OpenAudit working papers while travelling on the train. And this morning I helped a colleague with an IRIS OpenBooks issue, as we could both review the same data and discuss. These are my examples as an IRIS Product Manager, but as I speak to IRIS customer every day, I know that they are both equally as relevant to accountants in practice. 

The latest hardware technology can allow accountants to be even more efficient, and collaborate with their clients in new ways especially when combined with innovative solutions, such as the IRIS OpenApps.

Why not try some of the IRIS OpenApps and see for yourself. To find out more about IRIS cloud solutions and sign up for a trial, visit: