Taxpayers spent 76 centuries on hold to government helplines last year!

By Matthew Thompson | 4th September 2013 | 7 min read

According to figures from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), taxpayers spent a total of 76 centuries on hold to various government helplines last year, including HMRC’s. This news comes after HMRC blamed their recent poor customer service on the introduction of Real Time Information.

Margaret Hodge, PAC chairman, said that the use of 0845 numbers by HMRC and other government agencies was “a racket” and cost callers around £56 million last year. The review also highlighted how fewer than one in ten calls were answered by HMRC on 31st July this year, the day by which taxpayers had to inform HMRC of changes in their personal income, with 89% abandoning the phone line.

Earlier this month in an internal review HMRC placed some of the blame for their poor customer service on the introduction of RTI. According to Payroll World some of the reasons listed included “technology-related issues and shuffling extra staff on to RTI helplines, as well as a decision to delay automated speech features”.

A spokesperson for HMRC explained that they were working to improve their services and accepted that such long call waiting times were “not good enough”.

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