The 12 digital days of Christmas – Day 12

By James Nadal | 20th December 2018 | 14 min read

Our not-as-delicious but eminently more useful alternative to the chocolate advent calendar!

Day 12 - IRIS Snap

Do you remember the days before phone cameras when you’d have to wait to get your Christmas Day photos developed and printed? It must seem strange to the younger generation that you couldn’t get instant pictures and share them with the whole wide world instantly.

Although it’s easy to be nostalgic about the days of printed photos, polaroid and so on, let’s face it, it’s great to be able to snap and share immediately.

And it’s not just at Christmas when this is true. What you might not have realised is how much that snapping and sharing an image can help you and your clients every day in business.

That’s why on Day 12 we’re focusing on IRIS Snap.

Using the IRIS Snap mobile app, your small business clients can capture photos of receipts, invoices, purchase orders and bank statements for seamless processing by IRIS into digital records ready for the accountant to review and publish directly into KashFlow.

Incomplete records and lost receipts and invoices become a thing of the past as clients ‘snap’ these on the go.

You know all too well that clients often hand you bags full of receipts and invoice or lose them. What a headache digitising all that data yourself! Think of all the time IRIS Snap will save you.

IRIS Snap’s benefits include:

-          You and your clients get seamless capturing and processing of receipts, invoices, purchase orders and bank statements

-          Clients’ records are automatically sorted, categorised and available for you to review and publish to KashFlow

-          Huge time savings, so you can focus on high value advisory services rather than low value bookkeeping activities

-          The perfect platform to handle more clients and efficiently scale your practice

-          Simple to use interface, with easy visibility of historical transactions

-          Access to accurate, real time data, means you can provide timely feedback and governance advice rather than waiting until year-end

Whether you’re unwrapping a new iPhone or Android on December 25, you’ll definitely be wanting to download IRIS Snap as your first app!

Then you can start the New Year with a new and much improved way of working with your clients.

Call our Customer Success Team to find out exactly how Snap will enhance your individual practice. Phone 01753 212 599 or email

Much like Christmas itself is over before you know it, our 12 digital days are coming to an end today. But don’t be sad! All of the 12 blogs are available for you to read at your leisure here.  And, of course, you’ve still got the excitement of Christmas week to come…

As we put the laptop on the side for now and go off to enjoy a chocolate yule log and glass of sherry, there’s only one last thing to say.

We wish you all, our valued customers, a hugely merry, peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year to follow! Thanks for reading our festive blogs and we’ll speak to you again soon.